About The Farm

Welcome To Our Farm

At Coyote Creek Farm, our vision is clear: revitalize rural middle-class family farms by teaching families efficient and effective farming practices. Our goals include long-term sustainability, slow growth, support for local agricultural communities, and limiting our carbon footprint.

We are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming and ranching practices, coupled with the humane treatment of all farm animals. One of our primary objectives is to promote organic grain production in Texas, and to provide those farmers a ready market for their crops. By encouraging farms around us to become organic, we promote economic prosperity for small to medium sized sustainable family farms. Our small farmer customers are able to provide their livestock a healthy diet of organic feeds, enabling the farmers to take more organic eggs and superior meat products to their local farmers markets.

We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our business. We reduce carbon emissions by localizing production whenever possible, and by carefully monitoring our use of trucks, rail, and ships. In consideration of animal and human health, our high-quality organic feeds are free of antibiotics, hormones, and recycled animal byproducts.

We hope you will take a moment to watch this video about Coyote Creek, and you may learn more by liking our Facebook page and checking out our Flickr Gallery.

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